The Flex Card is provided through the MasterCard network and can be used at any qualified service provider that accepts MasterCard. This is not a credit card but a debit card electronically linked to a participant’s FSA balance(s). Participants may use the Flex Card for eligible health care, dependent care, parking and transit expenses such as medical deductibles, co-payments not covered by a health plan, prescriptions, dental or vision related expenses and dependent day care. The card should not be used to pay bills for services rendered in a previous plan year.

When using the Flex Card, participants will be required to submit a claim form for verification to Flexamerica, Inc. for medical expenses, which do not match your company's doctor and prescription co-pays. Documentation for Flex Card transactions not equal to co-pays do need to be sent to FlexAmerica, Inc. and failure to submit documentation will result in the suspension of your card usage.

The Flex Card operates with programmed merchant codes. Each provider accepting a MasterCard is assigned a Merchant Category Code. There are over 500 such codes, however, only those codes related to eligible expenses under the Flexible Spending Account are programmed on the card. FlexAmerica identified 23 of these codes as eligible for the health and dependent care accounts. Transactions requiring documentation should be faxed to FlexAmerica, Inc. at 866-556-5551. FlexAmerica will send out notifications on the 25th of each month to request documentation. Only one notification will be sent out. The participant will have 45 days from the letter date to submit the documentation. Failure to submit the proper documentation by the end of the notification period will result in the temporary suspension of the participant's debit card.

NOTE: This card is intended only for, and is restricted to, use for eligible services associated with your Flexible Spending Account as governed by the rules established by the Internal Revenue Service in conjunction with IRC Section 125, "cafeteria plans". Please refer to Internal Revenue Service Publications 502 and 503 for eligible expenses. Both Publications are available at your local library, IRS office, or online at If you have questions regarding the Flex Convenience Card, you may contact us at (866) 208-8587 or email us at Your comments are welcomed and appreciated.
Frequently Asked Flex Card Questions & Answers
How do I activate my card?

The card is activated the first time you swipe it for an eligible expense.
Why did I get this card? I did not solicit this card or sign anything.

The Flex Card is a debit card offered to enhance your benefit package. The card is designed for use only at qualified providers or merchants that accept MasterCard and offer eligible goods or services for reimbursement under the Flexible Spending Account. Rather than paying out-of-pocket money for qualified expenses waiting for reimbursement, utilizing the card to pay for qualified expenses transfers the funds directly from your Flexible Spending Account to the provider.
Is this just another MasterCard?

No, this is not a credit card. It is a debit card that utilizes funds from your Health Care and/or Dependent Care Spending Accounts. Although this is a debit card, because it is an off-line debit card, it is treated like a credit card at a merchant or provider terminal because it does not require a PIN number before approving a transaction.
What is it used for?

The card should only be used for eligible medical products and services as outlined in the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publications 502 and 503. Some examples include such expenses as medical deductibles, co-payments, non-covered prescriptions, dental or vision related expenses, and dependent care expenses. Some employers also use this for Section 132 parking and transit expenses.
Will the card know what expenses are eligible and what are not?

Each merchant or provider accepting a MasterCard is assigned a Merchant Category Code. There are over 500 such codes and the Flex Card accepts only 23 of those codes, all related to eligible expenses under your Flexible Spending Accounts. The card will instantly deny merchant or provider codes that have not been programmed on the card.
What will happen if I use my card for an ineligible expense?

If you make a mistake and purchase ineligible items with your Flex Card, you are required to send your receipt and a reimbursement check for the amount of the ineligible expenses to FlexAmerica.
How does the card work?

Present your card to a qualified merchant or provider and via their charge terminal, they will swipe your card like any other credit card to pay for your purchase. Funds for eligible expenses will be transferred directly to the provider or merchant from your Health Care or Dependent Care Account through the MasterCard network.
REMEMBER, you must submit all your receipts that are not co-payments to FlexAmerica for verification. Documentation should be faxed to 866-556-5551. Failure to comply will result in the suspension of your card usage and the money will be deducted from your paycheck.
Can the Flex Card identify how much of a product or service will be paid by my health plan?

No, you will need to check with your health plan to see what your plan will cover. You should only charge the amount that will not be covered by your health plan.
Will my transaction be denied if I don't have enough money in my account to cover the expense?

Yes, your transaction will be denied for any amount that is greater than the balance you have in your account. To avoid a transaction being denied, you should call or check the website for your account balance prior to using the card.
What if my provider doesn't have a charge card terminal?

You can still utilize funds from your account as you have in the past by mailing in a claim form or faxing it to (301) 564.5192.
What should I do if my card is stolen and/or has fraudulent charges?

You should contact FlexAmerica, Inc. immediately if your card is stolen. If the card is used fraudulently you will need to complete the Fraudulent Claim form, which is available by emailing
My card has a misspelling, is missing a middle initial, my name has changed, my card was never received, may I order another card?

Yes, you may order another card.
Can I change my address?

Yes, this change will not affect your account so there is no fee assessed. Any future cards or statements will then be sent to your new address.
Do I submit documentation for all debit card purchases claims?

Documentation should be submitted for all claims with the exception of co-pays that match your health or RX plan.
What should I attach to my claim form when submitting documentation for debit card purchases?

Attach an EOB or itemized bill from the provider showing the provider of service, expense description, date of service, and amount paid (i.e. co-pays, physician exams, glasses etc.).

Prescription claims must include the RX name and number; pharmacists receipt or cash register receipt is ok if it includes RX Number.
Should I wait to submit documentation until I am notified?

No, documentation should be sent to FlexAmerica, Inc. immediately in order to prevent suspension of your card usage.
Where should I send my documentation?

Documentation should be faxed to 866-556-5551 on a debit card claim form, which can be downloaded from our web site at
Should I submit documentation for dependent care expenses purchased with my debit card?

No, you do not need to submit documentation for day care expenses.
Can I charge my daycare expenses in advance?

You can charge up to 30 days in advance within the same month. For example, you can turn in your expenses for the entire month of January on January 1 but you cannot submit expenses for February. The day care account will only reimburse up to your available balance so please keep that in mind as you are charging expenses.
Should I submit documentation for transportation expenses purchased with my debit card?

No, you do not need to submit documentation for transportation expenses.
What will happen if I do not submit the documentation for medical expenses?

Your card usage will be suspended and your employer may deduct from your pay any unsubstantiated claims.
What should I do if I charge an ineligible expense by accident?

You should contact FlexAmerica, Inc. immediately and make arrangements to pay the money back.
Can I use my card at all merchants?

No, please remember that this is a limited use card and has been programmed to accept only eligible merchants. They’re maybe times when an eligible merchants code has been programmed incorrectly in the merchant’s machine which may result in a denial.
What should I do if my charge is denied?

You should pay for the charge and contact FlexAmerica, Inc. afterwards to determine the reason for the denial.
What are some of the reasons why my card may be denied?

Invalid merchant codes, charges exceed my annual election for medical, or charges exceed my available balance for dependent care or transportation are some of the reason charges may be denied.
What happens when I terminate or become ineligible for the plan?

You are no longer eligible to use the card and should turn your card into to your HR Administrator.
Can I use my card while I am out on leave or on COBRA?

No, you are no longer eligible to use the card and should turn your card into to your HR Administrator
Can I use my card for OTC items?

Yes, if allowed by your employer, but you will need to send documentation for all charges to FlexAmerica, Inc.